Check Our Selections Of Finest estates with world class facilities and locations in ibeju lekki. Our homes are a representation of love and community. The Majo homes estates are built with excellent taste and affordable quality and in a secure environment at premium locations around the country.

Creating Communities, where people thrive

At Majo homes, we provide affordable, accessible homes and lands in choiced locations in lagos. We are also geared on provideding peaceful, harmonioous, secured and serene environment of living in Lagos to our clientele.

Majo x-clusive homes

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About Us

Majo X-clusive World Real Estate Property Development Company Limited, popularly known as Majo Homes is a renowned real estate and property develpment firm said by many to be known as honest growing real estate and property development company in Lagos State, Nigeria with our investors strategic and seren locations that's free from an form of encumbrance



Our experienced team of consultants has extensive knowledge of the real estate market with up-to-date data on prevailing price trends. We also advise our clients on the best methods for effectively showing and marketing their properties for optimal results.


We acquire lands, finance real estate deals, build or have builders build projects, create, control and orchestrate the process of development from the beginning to end. With our team of professionals, at Majo xclusive Homes, you are guaranteed optimum real estate development.


Real estate is the basis of wealth and guarantees huge returns on investment; therefore every person who invests in real estate adopts the surest and safest method of becoming wealthy. However, this involves huge capital outlay that investors require proper guidance 

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Our projects

  • Majo sunshine estate

    MAJO SUNSHINE ESTATE is one of the fantastic property with Land appreciation rate of over 100% per annum, it's Strategically located at Ebute imedu village in Ibejulekki Lagos State.

    Majo sunshine estate

    MAJO CASTLE VILLA II is the perfect property for the smart investors who want to get high return on investment and the estate is located at Itamarun village at Ibeju-Lekki Lagos State long Lekki free trade zone, just 5 minutes derive from Dangote Refinery. 

  • Majo Lekki Homes

    Majo Lekki Homes is one of our exclusive properties with Land appreciation rate of over 100% per anunm, it is strategically located at oshoroko town ibeju lekki, just 3 minutes drive from Dangote Refinary and the lekki Deep seaport

    Majo Lekki Homes

    MAJO CASTLE VILLA is the perfect propety for the smart investors who wants to get high return on investment and the estate is located at itamarun village at Ibeju-Lekki Lagos State along lekki free trade zone, just 5 minutes drive from Dangote Refinery. 


    Earn a living

    From the comfort of your home, plus other mouth-watering benefits, All Expense Trip Abroad, Homes Appliances, Electronic, Gadgets and Car Prize by joining other realtors in our platform and make upto #500,000 monthly.

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